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Airsoft Surgeon Buckshot (2007-07-18)

Sizzling-hot NEWS! Airsoft Surgeon have increased their range of top-notch modifications for the M870. This follows on from the superb Slugshot & Super Magnum and the practical Extended Magazine Tube that are currently available. To follow on from such great products, one would need something that quite is astounding, and we have to say that CL hasn't disappointed us. Available NOW at Redwolf Airsoft, the NEW Airsoft Surgeon Buckshot, a shell hand-customised by Clarence himself and is designed to shoot a cluster of 8 BB's, just like with a real Buckshot. It's used in conjunction with the Airsoft Surgeon M870, which is available in 18 inch and standard length configurations. Clarence has been developing and testing it, as you can see from the video, it yields pretty impressive performance, shooting a cluster of BB's. The test showed that the BB's had a spread of around 220mm at close range and was powerful without being "get your metal pants on" powerful.

It is available to buy now!!!

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