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RedWolf Airsoft is the Exclusive Distributor for Madbull in Hong Kong and the UK (2007-07-18)

Redwolf is the Exclusive Distributor of Madbull Airsoft products in Hong Kong and UK. Madbull Airsoft manufactures some of the best quality and most innovative products available for the airsoft market, to add to that, they benefit from having Official licensing from numerous well-known real-steel brands & companies such as: Gemtech, Noveske Riflework, Quicksilver, HSS International and MAX Tactical. Their products maintain maximum authenticity, while being made with build quality in mind. The Noveske KX3 Flash Hider, Talon Floating Handguard, Patriot Kit and Non-Linear Springs are testament to what Madbull Airsoft can produce.

Check out the latest news about the airsoft version of the TDI Kriss, made by Madbull:

Thus, we're more than happy to be Official Distributors of Madbull products. Take a look at the pics below for a selection of some of the products from Madbull Airsoft:

Madbull Handheld Chronograph Madbull DNTC Flash Hiders Madbull JP Rifles Conversion kits

Madbull Noveske KX3 Flash Hider

Madbull Patriot Kit (Long) Madbull Quicksilver Silencer
Madbull Talon Madbull Non-Linear Springs Madbull Gemtech Halo Silencer
Madbull Gemtech Blackside Silencer Madbull VOG25HP CO2 Shell Madbull Model 470 CO2 Gearbox
Madbull AGX Launcher (Light) Madbul XM Charger XC03 Madbull Stinger BB Shower
Madbull Extra Large IPSC Timer Madbull Python Tight Bore for G19 Madbull Powder Shot Landmine