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Gallery of Cool (2007-06-15)

We present to you the Gallery of Cool, a place where we showcase some of the unique products that we have at Redwolf. These 15 products range from best sellers (GAMMA Claymore & Deep Fire M72A2), to brands that we are Official distributors of (Wiley X, Systema & DeepFire), the up 'n' coming (Marushin Five seveN USG), latest releases (Phantom MBSS Plate Carrier (MC*), & Airsoft Surgeon Super Magnum Shell), as well as the downright cool (Creation M134 Minigun & Tokyo Marui RC Tanks). No doubt the products you see below are cooler than a penguin's pecker.

GAMMA Claymore Mine Deep Fire M72A2 Launcher Deep Fire MK2 & M26 Grenades
Madbull Powder Shot Landmine Tokyo Marui Type 90 RC Tank Wiley X JP2 Sunglasses
RWC Stoner Shorty Creation M134 Minigun Systema M733 PTW
Airsoft Press & Mechbox Pro Phantom MBSS Vest (MC*) Marushin Five seveN USG (6mm)
Airsoft Surgeon Super Magnum Shell Devgru Frogman Headset Systema Quattro Charger