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Some Sizzling Hot NEW Guns for June! (2007-06-04)

Summer is the season that brings us beautiful weather, scantily clad chicks and some sizzling hot NEW products too. The upcoming months should see the release of some mouth-watering products, and we have a tantilising-teaser for you, with three gas blowback guns that we will be expecting within the next month.

The first is a Western Arms gas blowback pistol, and yes it is another 1911 variant, but don't click back yet, as this is a very cool gun indeed. This is the HardBaller, the real one of which is made by AMT, characterised by it's extra long slide and made famous by Arnie in the classic film of the 80's - The Terminator. With a holster-stretching 267mm, this gun is long! The top of the slide is serrated, and has Bomar-style sights, providing for easy aiming. As you would expect from WA, the detailing is nice, with "AMT" and "HARDBALLER" on the side of the slide.

It will be a Shibuya Custom Works version 3, so the hop-up is likely to be a fixed one like the with other SCW version 3 pistols from WA, although it will more than likely be an accurate pistol to use. The magazine capacity is 21+1 and the whole gun weighs in at 912g. Performance-wise, we expect this gun to shoot at around 300fps. The release date for Japan is the 8th June, so we expect it to get it soon after that. Check back for more info.

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Secondly, we shall be expecting the P226 Stainless from Tokyo Marui this month. The TM P226 Stainless follows the same formula of the crowd-pleasing P226 that Marui have already created, but have now added a shiny New finish which makes this much-loved gun look stunning. Sure to be a hit-seller this summer!

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Last, but not least, is the Marushin Five seveN USG. Based on the FN Herstal semi-automatic pistol which was released in 2000. The USG, or United States Government model is the latest of all the variants. We're looking forward to this gas blowback pistol, and it will most likely be a popular choice too; Marushin will be releasing this pistol in two version: 8mm and 6mm. Keep those eyes peeled for more at Redwolf Airsoft!


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