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Systema Motor Sale - 20% Off!! (2007-01-30)

Redwolf Airsoft have a great offer on some selected Systema Motors - with 20% off the original price of each one. Systema are well-known for their superb quality products and superior performance. A brand with real pedigree that have been making training weapons for the Police and Military for some time now. So here's your chance to get some excellent Systema products at reduced prices - take a look at the Systema Motors that have had 20% slashed off the price:

20% Discount for Systema Motor series!
Product Name Product Code Price Discounted Price
Systema Short Motor High Speed Type RW-M-S-HS
USD 35.00
USD 28.00
Systema Medium Motor High Speed Type RW-M-M-HS
USD 38.00
USD 30.40
Systema Medium Motor Torque Up Type RW-M-M-T
USD 42.50
USD 34.00
Systema Short Motor Genuine Type RW-M-S-J
USD 31.00
USD 24.80
Systema Medium Motor Genuine Type RW-M-M-J
USD 36.00
USD 28.80
Systema Short Motor Torque Up Type RW-M-S-T
USD 31.00
USD 24.80
Systema Short Motor Super Torque Up Type RW-M-S-ST
USD 44.50
USD 35.60