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IASUS Launches New Professional SNIPER PRO Series (2006-03-04)

IASUS Launches New Professional SNIPER PRO Series
Following the incredible popularity of IASUS Sniper Throat microphones in the law enforcement, movie, and airsoft world, IASUS has now released the SNIPER PRO version. Improving on ease of use and eliminating the need for operators to fumble with their PTT in tactical situations, the SNIPER PRO now comes equipped with extra large PTT (push-to-talk) button that is designed to clip securely onto a standard MOLLE loop on your tactical vest, or onto any piece of clothing to allow easy access. Designed for rifleman and gunners in mind, the extra large PTT button can be activated by using the butt of your firearm. Position the new extra-large PTT on your upper chest and the butt of your rifle can be easily brought backwards to activate the PTT even when both your hands are occupied.

For greater comfort, the earpiece now comes with hi-tech patented contour conforming ear-foam to stay in place comfortably and to block out background noise so that you can clearly hear who you are talking to. Enhancing upon IASUS's efficient vibration detection technology, the IASUS SNIPER PRO continues to send voice transmissions by detecting your vocal speech vibrations, thereby eliminating background noise to keep your communications loud and clear. Tested and proven to be effective even in WHISPER mode (available on selected radio models). SNIPER PRO also upgrades to mililtary grade wiring to stand up to the toughest abuse that soldiers and law enforcement officers often endure. Padded neck ring is adjustable and can be fit to size by operator adjustment for long term comfort. So light you'll forget its even there!

Complete SNIPER PRO set comes in beautiful box, protective carry bag, 2 molded earpieces (user interchangeable with include foam earpieces), throat strap, and an IASUS sticker! Available for many models including Motorola, Garmin, Cobra, and many other models (to be released shortly). Get one now.