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Another RedWolf Mad Sale!!! (2006-01-23)

To thanks your valued support to the HFC M712 crazy sale in December, RedWolf is going to put forward another insane bundle sale for all our esteemed customers. This time, a modern MK23 Socom bundle set.

The MK23 is the sidearm of the Navy Seals and other special operations units, this is one of the most popular handguns in airsoft for many years running. Chartered by the Pentagon in 1992 for use in SOCOM operations, the MK23 is also known to many as the United States Pistol due to its American funding.

On top of the regular price of the KSC MK23 Socom Prototype (Phase II), an extra $18.9 gets you a silencer, and a high quality pistol holster! The KSC MK23 Socom pistol itself is worth US$165 and this package price is US$183.9 only. In case of separated purchase, all the individual items are worth US$224.4. So you save US$40.5 through this package! Buy Now!!!