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RENCHI Christmas Raffle for RWC M700 Sniper! (2005-11-22)

RENCHI Christmas Promotion for RedWolf Customers

If you are a registered RedWolf Airsoft customer and also like to video games, then we've got some exciting news from is the home of import games, consoles, accessories at super low prices from Japan and Asia! Buy the latest Sony PSP, PS2, Xbox, Gameboy, Nintendo DS games, consoles, and accessories at RenChi!

Purchase anything from between now and December 31st, and you will automatically get entered into RenChi's special raffle drawing for an RWC M700 Sniper Rifle (worth USD 499.50 from RedWolf Airsoft's online store). Each purchase will qualify for one raffle entry, so the more you buy, the greater your chance to win! So go on over to now and take a look around!

Raffle Entry Requirements:: You must be a registered member of RedWolf Airsoft to qualify for this special promotion at

About the RWC M700 Sniper Rifle
One of the most tactical sniper rifles used by SWAT and police forces world-wide, the composite stock M700 is solid and meaty to hold, giving the rifle a very rock solid feel with no shakes or wobbles. Zero resistance bolt action. This camouflage M700 is best suited for sleath sniping. Based on the KJ M700, the RWC M700 is tuned and modified to delivers over 450fps when using HFC 134a gas, and about 50% more than that when you use TOP GAS or RED GAS. Upgraded parts include a Prometheus EG Precision Barrel 650mm for PSG-1+, G&G Striker Spring, G&P Scope, G&P Mount and Classic Army Harris Style Bipod, custom RWC milled components to increase the peformance drastically from the stock 350fps rifle. Camo paint is exactly the same shade of paint used by the US military. Limited production. A true sniper rifle.

Goto RENCHI now and enter the raffle!