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The complete line of Systema Fully-Assembled "Drop-In" mechboxes have arrived! RedWolf Airsoft currently offers the entire lineup. Built with the best parts and leading-edge engineering from Systema, these gearboxes are built for power and reliability. Beautiful teflon coated surfaces and high conductivity wires used for maximum performance!
Installation of these ready-built gearboxes into AEGs should only be attempted by experienced personnel. Assembly and motor alignment requires skill and experience. Improper installation or misalignment of motor gear against first spud gear could destroy gearbox, so installation should only be handled by qualified experts only.

Systema has confirmed that these are limited edition, and supply will be very much controlled. So if you are looking for a complete upgrade solution for your AEG, then act fast to grab yourself one of these!

The full lineup includes:

1J High Speed for M16A1/VN
1J High Speed for XM177-E2
M120 Torque-Up for M16-A1/VN
M120 Torque-Up for XM177-E2
M150 Super Torque-Up for M16A1/VN - [Coming Soon!]
1J High Speed for M16-A2/SR16-M4
1J High Speed for M4-A1/M4-RIS/S-SYSTEM
M120 Torque-Up for M16-A2/SR16-M4
M120 Torque-Up for M4-A1/Mr-RIS/S-SYSTEM
M150 Super Torque-Up for M16-A2/SR16-M4 - [Coming Soon!]

1J High Speed for MP5A4 / MP5-A5 / MP5-SD5 / MP5-SD6
M120 Torque-Up for MP5A4 / MP5-A5 / MP5-SD5 / MP5-SD6
M150 Super Torque-Up for MP5A4 / MP5-A5 / MP5-SD5 / MP5-SD6 - [Coming Soon!]

1J High Speed for G3-A3/G3-A4/G3-SG1
M120 Torque-Up for G3-A3/G3-A4/G3-SG1
M150 Super Torque-Up for G3-A3/G3-A4/G3-SG1 - [Coming Soon!]
CLICK HERE to get one of these limited edition gearboxes!