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RedWolf sister store RenChi launches! (2005-10-31)

RedWolf Airsoft welcomes the launch of our sister company, RenChi. Bringing the most exciting import games to you from Japan and the rest of the world, RenChi (just like RedWolf) offers games and accessories that you might not be able to find in your neighborhood store! Play games that were designed for the Japanese and other overseas markets. Get cool steering wheels, light guns, dancing pads, drums, turn-tables, and other cool accessories and are not available elsewhere!

Shop with RenChi and accrue bonus points for free products! If you are used to shopping with us, then you'll quickly get used to the quick and efficient shopping experience at RenChi. RenChi ships orders worldwide in approximately 24 hours so you don't have to wait! Go and REGISTER with RenChi now! Feel free to register with the same login as your RedWolf account!