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Wiley X Combat Eyewear (2005-10-08)

RedWolf Airsoft is proud to be appointed an official distributor of Wiley X Combat Eyewear. Designed to withstand the harsh requirements of extreme warfare, Wiley X products are developed based on feedback from soldiers and officers from the field. High Velocity Protection (HVP) is the theory behind all Wiley X glasses and goggles. HVP makes Wiley X glasses and goggles differ from your traditional goggles in that Wiley X eyewear can protect user's eyes from fragmentation and shotgun fire. There are many stories from the field where soldiers were shot in the face by shotgun fire or fragmentation, but were able to continue fighting because their Wiley X glasses / goggles protected their vision. Wiley X glasses are extremely popular with law enforcement and military personel for their light weight, high protection capability, and great looks. Obviously if they can take real steel fire, no airsoft gun will ever be able to penetrate these rugged glasses / goggles. Just look at what people have to say about Wiley X glasses:

As printed in a recent US military circular in Iraq (July 2004):
"Recently, a Company Commander was saved from permanent disability or death by properly wearing his personal protective equipment. The captain was a victim of an IED attack. He was wearing a helmet, body armor, and a pair of Wiley X ballistic goggles. The ballistic goggles saved his eyesight and possibly his life. A piece of shrapnel embedded in both lenses instead of penetrating his eyes. Because he led by example and adhered to the standard, this leader is able to continue his mission."
Feedback from Captain Mark Leslie, CPT, IN US Task Force 2-7 CAV Senior ING Advisor, Iraq (January 2005):
"The Romer II worked great - that is all I let my soldiers wear is only eye-wear from Wiley X - nothing else - they saved my vision and maybe my life. The need no encouragement. They were with me that day [an attack where he was shot in the face] and all saw the results of me wearing them. The Romer II is comfortable, great looking, great fitting, no fog, set of protective ballistic eye-wear that I endorse fully. In fact - any product of eye-wear by Wiley X has my complete trust and confidence - they made the ultimate test and passed with flying colors. Need I say more? Anyone in any military, law enforcement, EMS, construction, etc could benefit from these as far as protection and they look great - hence, people are more likely to wear them!"

Nothing is more important than your vision. Don't let a weekend skirmish permanently damage your vision. Lightweight, rugged, safe, and great looking, Wiley X is the number one choice for high velocity eye protection. Here is a piece of news about soldiers being issued Wiley X glasses in the real battlefield. Click the image on the left to read the full report.

Select a model / configuration that best fits your combat needs from our online store (Combat Gear > Masks and Glasses). Once you try Wiley X, anything less is just not worthy of your eyes.