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Tokyo Marui M14 in stock now! (2005-08-10)

Tokyo Marui M14 now in stock!
The M14 is now available for again! Available in (i) imitation wood, and (ii) textured fiber type olive drab finishing. Aside from the stock's finishing, the two versions are identical in all other aspects. The new M14 utilizes a brand new Version 7 gearbox which is powered by an EG700 motor. Abundant metal parts on the rifle include removeable trigger assembly (just like on the real steel!), removeable 70 round magazine, barrel with 14mm counterclockwise threaded flash-hider, cocking lever, range and windage adjustable rear sight. The large type battery is stored in the stock and hidden behind a metal butt cover with shoulder support. Adjustable hop-up is accessible by pulling back on the charging lever. Weighing in at 3.85 Kg, this is a heavy rifle. Fires 6mm BBs and delivers approximately 280fps of power. Fires in semi and full auto mode (12-14 rounds per second). Options will surely include a soon-to-be-released scope mount and high-capacity magazine.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (NOV 19): As the largest airsoft retailer in Hong Kong, we get the largest allocation from Marui and all pre-ordered M14's will be fully satified and shipped out to customers in the next couple days, despite the global shortage! Just ask all our satisfied pre-order customers who are already shooting their new Tokyo Marui M14! You can always depend on RedWolf for getting you the latest and greatest products!

Note that the special pre-order offer of a free 8.4v 2000mah battery is now no longer offered since these rifles are now back in stock!

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