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G&G Latest Rifles are coming soon! (2005-07-09)

Click the UMG photo above for exclusive pictures of our Pre-Launch Sample from G&G!
Hot new AEG rifles are on the way from G&G. The much sought-after UMP which has been seen in so many block-buster movies is finally here. We tested a prototype several months ago in G&G's labs and found the UMP (or UMG as G&G calls it) is very sturdy and has a great 2-phase cocking action that feels extremely realistic. Once cocked, the operator can adjust the hop-up dial which is located behind the dust-cover. The UMG also has a bolt lock function just like on the real-steel where the dust-cover remains locked open after you pull the cocking lever back. Once you are done adjusting the hop-up, you press a button on the receiver which then sends the dust cover sliding forward with a loud "clack". The UMG also boasts a large capacity 500+ round wind-up magazine as an optional item - though the stock gun will come with a low-cap magazine. Folding stock and threaded barrel for silencer attachment means this gun can be configured in a very tactical format. Slated for the end of July / early August, the UMG is sure to be a big hit since no other company makes one yet for airsoft. G&G has also assured us that the gearbox is brand-new and is thoroughly tested to avoid complications of their first generation gearboxes.

Our pre-production sample arrived at RedWolf offices in mid-July. Our tests have indicated better reliability and durability than earlier gearboxes in G&G's earlier AEG rifles. The gun is solid and rigid, though very light and easy to control. It uses nylon reinforced parts just like on the real-steel.

M14 SOC 16 / Wood Stock M14
Building on the successful M14, G&G is releasing the shorter and more tactical SOC 16 which is suited for smaller skirmishing areas for fast aiming. For M14 lovers who like the classic wood look, G&G is also releasing an imitiation wood stock version, as well as a genuine high quality walnut wood stock version slated for August!

... And a pipeline of other exciting models
Yes, G&G has an entire pipeline of new models due out for this year and the early part of 2006! Stay tuned to this space for more information on other exciting models that don't yet exist in airsoft!