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RWC M4 Hammerhead Vx Released ! (2005-06-24)

RWC M4 Hammerhead Vx
RedWolf designed this high-tech custom gun specifically for a Japanese custom shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. The Hammerhead system integrates the auto-winding box magazine with the internal gearbox so that no winding of the box magazine is necessary. In fact, the magazine does not need its own battery and draws power from the gun's main battery. Just pull the trigger and the box magazine winds automatically in sync with the firing action, allowing you to keep on shooting and literally hammer your opponents on the head as you walk right up to them with a hose of BBs. To offset the heavy weight of the fully loaded 3500 round box magazine, the Hammerhead uses lightweight materials to keep this CQB weapons system easy to maneuver. Genuine carbon-fiber heat dissipating RIS foregrip (with SPR steel flash-hider and flip-up sight) makes the barrel easy to turn around. Real steel Ergo pistol grip is ergomically engineered for comfort, and coupled with the milled aircraft aluminum foregrip, the gun is very easy to steer in tight quarters. Custom battery is stored in the collapsible CRANE stock, which keeps more weight closer to the body for better leverage. A 7-level red-dot scope tops off this deadly CQB package. Upgraded to 400fps for competitive skirmishing!
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