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Exciting RWC Auto-Winding Magazines - MP5 C-MAG & G&G M14 (2005-06-03)

We are excited to release some new exciting products exclusively from RedWolf's laboratories - 2 more auto-winding AEG magazines!. Don't you hate rubbing your thumb down to the bone in having to wind up your high-capacity magazines? RWC auto-winding magazines take the pain away by automatically winding the magazine for you with a sophisticated and microscopic gearbox installed inside the magazine. Never again be caught with an unwound magazine. Run forward shooting enemies without fear of havng to rewind mid-way. Just press the button and know that you can keep on shooting without stopping! Watch your enemies become sitting ducks as you spray them and walk towards them slowly to finish them off! Tested and recommended by top players across the world! As tested by the SAS training teams in the UK

RWC Auto-Winding Double Magazine for G&G M14 - Our hi-capacity auto-winding double magazine for G&G M14 holds over 1000rds capacity, and is powered by 2 x AAA batteries to deliver thousands of smoothly fed rounds without requiring you to lift a finger. Easily slide away the butt-plate of the magazine to replace batteries quickly and safely. Just press down on the pressure switch and watch it wind automatically! Durable full metal construction. Designed for the G&G M14. Click here to buy

RWC Auto-Winding Drum Magazine for MP5 Series Rechargeable auto-winding 3000rd C-MAG magazine for the MP5 series is powered by rechargeable internal 4.8v battery. Providing a stable feed of BBs, the fully charged internal battery can drive well over 10000rd BBs. Fits all models of the MP5 series AEG from Tokyo Marui, ICS, Classic Army - A series, SD series, K and PDW.
. Click here to buy