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Redwolf Custom - M4 Hawk Eye Special & M4 Police Shorty (2005-05-28)

Introducing 2 new custom rifles from RedWolf's labs - M4 Hawk Eye Special & M4 Police Shorty.

M4 Hawk Eye Special
Build for desert duty, this custom rifle incorporates the latest SPR technology in a tactical configuration. Desert color baked metal body with US Marines logo, with Samural SPR system allows you to attach many different kind of accessories. Extendable MAGPUL real-steel modular stock & MAGPUL desert PTS magzine makes this rifle half real. Decked out with gadgetry, including RICO tactical weapons system, VLI illuminator for extra coverage, high power laser targetting and red-dot sight. Upgraded to 400fps with the best parts for durability. OPS silencer for maximum stealth. Quite hefty (feels very realistic) so includes 3 point tactical sling to provide support! Want to learn more about this gun? Click here

RWC M4 Police Shorty
Mosquito R.I.S system with three rails for attachment of all sorts of accessories, rail covers and vertical hand grip make you to hold this rifle comfortably and easily. Reduced length of outer barrel for CQB situation. Ergo extendable stock (real steel) as used by present law enforcement agencies. Stylish Knights type rear sight for accurate and fast aiming. Click here