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High Quality Parts From DEEP FIRE (2005-05-10)

RedWolf Airsoft is proud to be the authorized agent for Deep fire, a reliable airsoft parts manufacturer in Hong Kong. They provide wide range of high quality products, such as Grenade Shells, AEG springs, precision barrels, gear box spring set, piston, etc. The most impressive product from Deep Fire is the titanium toothed piston which is virtually indestructible. User tests have shown that installed into an M150 configuration and fired 1000 rounds, the piston still looks brand new on detailed examination. DEEP FIRE also offers the highest capacity shell around today - a full 180 rounds of whopping power. Check out DEEP FIRE's products below, or by searching our site for "Deep Fire".

We are constantly adding DEEP FIRE products to our lineup. Click on the links below for what is immediately available!
Deep Fire 180rd BB Grenade Shell
Deep Fire 120 M/S Spring
Deep Fire 130 M/S Spring
Deep Fire 150 M/S Spring
Deep Fire 170 M/S Spring
Deep Fire SS 6.04mm Barrel (363mm)
Deep Fire SS 6.04mm Barrel (247mm)
Deep Fire Spring Set for Gear Box II/III
Deep Fire Piston (Full teeth)
Deep Fire Piston (Half Teeth)
Deep Fire Piston for PSG-1
Deep Fire Titanium Piston (Titanium Teeth)
Deep Fire Stainless Steel First And Second Sear for TM VSR-10
Deep Fire Cylinder Head for Ver.II
Deep Fire Steel Spring Guide for Ver.II
Deep Fire Selector Plate for M16 Series
Deep Fire Selector Plate for MP5 Series
Deep Fire Selector Plate for G3 Series