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New Products from Magpul & Rico! (2005-03-07)

New MAGPUL Products Coming Soon!
Magpul M16 / M4 PTS Magazine & Mini-type PTS magazine
Recognizing the promising growth in airsoft, Magpul Industries (USA) has long supplied the airsoft market with grips and stocks made specifically for airsoft guns. As part of their airsoft strategy, Magpul has now released an airsoft version of their M16 / M4 PTS magazine. Fitted with a high-tech ergonomic grip, these 68 round aluminum magazines look extremely attractive and just like the real thing. The ergonomic grip allows the operator to extract the magazine from its pouch using a variety of clasping techniques, and also makes loading into the gun quick and smooth. Initial prototypes have already been released in Japan and have been met with wild popularity. The US military has also embraced these airsoft magazines for their own training. NOW IN STOCK! Starting at $29.8 and comes in black, green, and desert.
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Also on the horizon is the mini-type PTS magazine for the Glock 26 as seen in these photos here (fitted to a Tokyo Marui G26).
M16 / M4 PTS Magazine Tokyo Marui G26C PTS Magazine Tokyo Marui G26C PTS Magazine Close up

Magpul M95 Tactical Stock
Slated for the end of this year, Magpul's M95 stock is a highly tactical stock designed for the M16 / M4 series. Designed for the real steel, this stock will easily fit onto an airsoft gun with minor modifications (intentional on Magpul's part). Rear bipod attachment allows the front and rear of the gun to be elevated on two bipods for a super-stable firing platform!

RICO ALPHA-9 Tactical Light
Rico Alpha-9 Tactical Combat Light This stylish tactical light is a new and exciting product from Rico! With lots of experience designing other kinds of consumer goods products, Rico used its skills to produce this sturdy light that ressembles the SureFire / Laylax V900! These pictures show a prototype that is in the final stages of development. If the prototype is any hint of the final product to come, then the specifications are impressive indeed. Full aluminum housing with polished striker flashlight head and butt cap. Powered by three CR123A batteries, which drives the 250 lumen bulb for very strong illumination! Heavy guage ABS molded housing for rugged performance. Thumb screws ensure tight attachment on your gun, which is more than we can say for the ARMS quick release catch design on the SureFire which catches easily on your gun sling. A 200 lumen high power bulb is activated through either a twist knob on the back of the main flashlight housing, or by dual-sided pressure switches on the broom-handle grip. Two built-in LED navigator lights on either side of the main bulb can be activated using a third pressure switch on the back of the unit, allowing the operator to light up an effective 10 - 15 feet of visibility with white light for moving around. The Rico light is designed for real-steel use and is water resistant. Launch of this exciting product is set for late April and will be sold exclusively at RedWolf Airsoft. Retail MSRP price of this real steel version is slated at around $200 - $220, which is much more affordable than the $250 - $300 pricetag for a Laylax V900! Wholesalers inquiries welcome!