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Previously only available to military and law enforcement personel, throat microphone technology has long been out of reach to civilian use. Originally designed for aircraft pilots, throat microphones work by translating the vibrations on your throat into voice. When a person speaks, the throat actually resonates with the words, which can be captured by the high tech sensors on throat microphones and converted into sound for radio transmission. Only this throat vibration is captured and hence, no background noise is transmitted in the process. Just imagine yourself in the heat of battle and everyone around you is screaming and yelling. When you transmit using a throat microphone, only your voice is transmitted and none of the sounds around you are sent. The result is that your team-mate will hear you loud and clear without any unintended background noise.

IASUS is a leading company in throat microphone and electronics design technology. These throat microphones have been featured in numerous magazines for their exciting applications in the civilian world! Previously, IASUS had started by developing a line of throat microphones for motorcycle and extreme sports use. But with the growing world of airsoft, IASUS has just released a full line of throat microphones for airsoft players! Looking much like the very expensive LASH systems that cost several times more, IASUS throat microphones are built from high quality materials to withstand the abuse of battle.

These throat microphones also look very cool, which explains why they were used by actors in the TV series 24 (Season 3) and the mini-series Battlestar Galactica. 24's Props Director Dick Kyker was so happy with the IASUS throat mics that he decided very quickly to use them on the show for their tactical look. Frankly they look like something that Navy Seals have been wearing for longest time. Vibration detection modules sit on a circular clip that embrace your neck. Simply rest the vibration detection modules on your throat where you feel the most vibration is. IASUS currently offers two models - the affordable NT2 which has a single vibration detection module, and the high end NT Sniper which has dual detection modules for better sound pickup. Both offer the transparent "secret-service" style earplugs that are flexible and comfortable to wear. An optional molded earpiece makes things even more comfortable. The flexible cord that comes with the NT Sniper also keeps it from snagging onto your hardware, and the large tactile pressure switch with volume control makes transmission easy. Remember that these throat microphones rely on throat vibration to transmit voice. If you tend to mumble during your speech, then you will need to enunciate words more clearly for the throat microphone to work properly. In fact, the military puts its personel through speech schools in order to ensure crystal clear communications through these throat microphones!

Accessories include an ergonomic synthetic molded earpiece set (for left and right ears) to ensure a tight, sound proof fit. A soft cotton throat strap is also available to keep the microphone in place during the heat of battle!

IASUS throat mics currently support many models of two-way radios:

Motorola Talkabout (single or dual pin)
Yaesu (single pin)
ICOM (single or dual pin)
Uniden (dual pin)
Kenwood (dual pin)
Garmin (single pin)
Cobra (dual pin)
...and more!

IASUS plans to roll out more and more versions to support the many models out on the market, and the compatibility list will be continually updated.

RedWolf Airsoft is proud to be the official distributor for IASUS throat microphones. We are also the sole distributor for IASUS in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. We welcome wholesale inquiries for this exciting product! Contact us for further information.

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