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New Release Announcements in May 2002 (2002-05-03)

New WA Para-Ordnance P14-45
While hoping that WA would release the 14-45 LDA pistol (2000 Hand-Gun of the Year), it chose instead to release the P series 14-45, which lacks the double action trigger of the LDA series. With similar functionalities to the traditional 1911, WA made this P series release special by designing with high powered Hi-cap mechanism - making this the most powerful 1911 Government frame pistol on the airsoft market today - punching out 1.2 Joules (or 360fps) using HFC22! With 25 rounds in the magazine and heavy-weight slide, this pistol is a joy to shoot...and without the bulkiness of an Infinity SV! Comes in silver, black, or olive black dual-tone.

Get one for yourself now!

Yeah Yeah Yeah...
Promised to be released in November last year, Classic Army kept delaying its release of its much anticipated series of full metal M4's...until now. It has finally announced delivery of their rifles to us by the end of this month. You'll be sure that we will write a review of this much anticipated line as soon as we get our hands on one. This time, we think Classic Army is going to keep their promise!

WA to release it's version of the 93R Auto Pistol
With KSC as the only quality manufacturer of the 93R automatic pistol (discounting all other lesser manufacturers), WA is set to break the monopoly with its imminent release of the 93R. Few details are available as of yet, though you can be assured of WA's high quality engineering. Also in the works will be a metal folding stock to make full auto shooting a more controllable affair.

Beretta Vertec Elite IA
Another coming release is the railed version of the Beretta with Elite frame - allowing installation of lasers and lights just like the current generation Glocks! Custom pistol grip also adds a new feel to this wildly successful pistol. Stay tuned for more on this new Beretta variation!