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Redwolf Screensaver - Free Download (2004-05-14)

Choose from one of the two screensavers below by clicking on their picture. The AK47 screensaver (1.6MB) on the left morphs between a Tokyo Marui Mini AK47 and the full size version, all the while rotating 360 degrees for your viewing. The screensaver (1 MB) on the right screens a series of pictures ranging from the M79 grenade launcher to the G36C rifle. Download with peace of mind since both of these were created at RedWolf and are virus checked to be clean. Broadband subscribers should be able to download in less than 5 seconds while dial-up users may have to wait several minutes for the download to complete.
When you click on the screensaver, simply click OPEN in the dialog box to start running the installer program. You may also save to your computer and then open the installer application by double-clicking on it after it is saved. We hope you enjoy these screen-savers and welcome recommendations for additional designs and concepts! Email your suggestions to