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New Releases Summer 2002 (2002-07-07)

KSC Glock 26 Full Auto
Expected in the coming months, KSC will release a full auto capable version of its popular Glock 26. With operation similar to the larger Glock 18C, the Glock 26 can shoot in both semi and full auto mode. Pictured with an optional high capacity long magazine, this would make the Glock 26 the smallest full auto machine pistol on the market.

KSC STI Hawk 4.3
We have never been big advocates of KSC's STI lineup, though in part that is because of the sheer superiority of WA's similar Colt-framed Infinity lineup. KSC's new Hawk 4.3 promises hard-kick technology and boasts performance. We can't wait to see!

Western Arms ParaOrdnance 14-45 Compact Carry
No surprise to anyone, WA is releasing a shorter Compact Carry version of its successful ParaOrdnance P14-45. Scheduled for release on July 15, 2002 in Japan, we are scheduled to receive our first batch soon after so watch our website for postings of this hot little pocket piece.

Maruzen Walther PPK 2002 Version
A popular yet mediocre performing model, Maruzen's Walther PPK has always attracted Bond lovers who did not mind giving up power and kick for the PPK's style. Maruzen has now promised a new 2002 version that boasts a 140% increase in power.

The conversion kit for making your APS2 look like a Barrett has been released on the market. Unlike the real Barrett, this kit keeps the APS2 a manual cocking rifle so we question how successful this kit will really be.