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MILSPEX M16A2 / M4 Camo Cover Series (2004-05-10)

All dressed up and camouflaged to avoid being spotted by your opponent? The most common giveaway is the screaming blackness of your rifle that shows up on enemy sights! Milspex brings you an innovative solution to solve this headache!

Milspex's new series of camouflage dressing for the M4 / M16 series rifle provides a versatile way of camouflaging your rifle without the need for permanently painting or coloring your gun. Flexibly dress up your weapon for the appropriate environment - including urban, woodland and desert! Two piece sets are constucted from high quality cotton and are machine washable. Velcro fasteners mean that applying them is easy and can be done in seconds. The cover for retractable stocks is designed such that the full adjustability of the stock is retained - and appropriate holes are in place so that use of a sling is not obstructed. Foregrip cover also provides a better non-slip grip! Check out these exciting covers here!