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Quick Guide to New Site (2002-11-30)

Login on the top of the screen Our new full featured site is convenient and easy to use. We have created a quick guide to make navigation a bit easier for new visitors and returning customers. A key difference now is that you need to be a registered member before you can buy products from our site. This protects you since we can confirm your email address and mailing address through this process. However, you do not need to be registered to simply browse our store.

Use our member services after you log in Registration has many benefits though, including the right to post messages on our discussion forum and to seek fellow airsoft players who live in your region - perfect for making new friends and starting your own weekend games!

The most important thing to do after you register is to LOGIN to our site. The login fields are located on teh top of the screen and the small shopping cart picture of the left of the LOGIN field indicates your logged-in status and how many items you have in your shopping cart. On the right, we provide advanced search functions to help you locate the product you desire.

Once you are logged in, you may access our Member Area, which provides key features such as a review of your order history with us, any pending or processing orders, and also provide you with the ability to make an inquiry on a particular order. If you do not login, then some of these features will be disabled.

Navigation bars are convenient Most importantly, navigation within our product categories has now become a snap with quick navigation drop-down boxes. These are located on the right-middle of your screen after you enter our PRODUCTS section. When you select a new PRODUCT category from these boxes (e.g. AEG, Magazines, etc), only the two latest releases will be displayed. To view the entire product line, you need to use the drop-down box on the right to select sub-categories for that product.

Click the above pictures for larger images. Browsing our entire is easy with the main menu on the left. If you have further questions, kindly email