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BOYS Series M4A1 Colt Carbine AEG Now In! (2003-12-05)

The best Christmas present for the friends and children, Tokyo Marui's EBB M4A1's have arrived and are now instock!! Priced at USD 68, these AEGs are super-economical! These M4A1's are 30% smaller than the real-life M4A1. Many great features found on the full-sized and more expensive AEGs are also found on this entry-level model, including a 4 position retractable stock, metal front sling mount for sling attachment, removable magazine, flip-open breech cover, select-fire switch that toggles between semi-auto and full auto fire!! This mini M4 AEG is constructed from mostly ABS plastic. Full auto fire delivers an impressive 10-15 rounds per second, just like the bigger full featured AEGs (though power is significantly less for recreational use).

Main Statistics
Length :724 / 652mm
Weight : 1000g
Capacity : 28+180 rounds
Ammo: 6mm BB bullet

These M4s take regular AA batteries in the foregrip just like AEGs. Each full set of batteries will deliver around 5000 rounds, with each removable magazine holding 180 rounds! Tokyo Marui EBB M4A1 Colt Carbine 's Detail