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CL&RW Custom Xcelerator Hybrid (Limited Edition) (2003-11-22)

The Clarence Lai and RedWolf Custom joint production Xcelerator Hybrid Limited Edition pistol delivers high performance for demanding shooters - delivering fast cycle times, professional trigger job and higher power and accuracy. Once you've tried this pistol, you won't ever settle for factory stock! Like a well tuned sports car! Features CL upgrade level 1.

This custom work creates a pistol that is much more robust and tuned for high performance shooting. Solid trigger response with high cycle speed time means that you can squeeze off rounds at rates required for competition shooting. Enhanced hammer work and steel firing pin coupled with valve work means that additional power is gained on each round. Custom shock buff enhances longevity of you valuable pistol. Beautiful two-tone aluminum slide adds greater durabilty and improved sensation over stock plastic slide. Itemized labor and parts for this upgrade include:

1 ) Full swing hammer job
2 ) Reinforce loading nozzle
3 ) 1 pound trigger job
4) Steel long firing pin
5) Upgrade magazine valve
6) CL upgrade hammer spring
7) CL upgrade recoil spring
8) Reinforce part 8
9 ) Power up job
10) CL shock buff

Note that this upgrade creates more power by using more gas per shot and thus the number of shots supported by a full charge of gas may drop by approximately 20%-30%. This means that if the magazine capacity is 30, you may only be able to extract 25 shots from one full charge of gas. The exact amount varies slightly.

If you are looking for a performance pistol that sports the feel and behavior of a real steel piece, then this custom gun is right for you. Check it out!