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New Maruzen Walther PPK/S (2002-06-15)

New PPK/S available in both black and silver! Newly designed with better kick and power, the new Walther PPK/S from Maruzen sports new valve and blowback technology that delivers crisper performance. Comes in either silver or black. Maruzen is also smart enough to co-release a metal threaded barrel and silencer for Bond lovers. Original engravings are on the slide and magazine. The gun field strips just like the real steel version. Spare magazines are already available and in stock!

The PPK/S is well built and is visually more refined than the previous version. While the gun's weight has not increased noticeably, the blowback and firing action is visibly crispier and more reliable.

What better time is there to get a PPK? In preparation for the next Bond film to be released in 2003, get yourself one now.