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New SOCOM M24 Sniper Rifle by PDI (2000-05-15)

Good looking M24 Sniper Rifle RedWolf is the first to bring you the new M24 SOCOM Sniper Rifle. Designed by Classic Army and manufactured by PDI of Japan, this brand new rifle is sure to be a hit with sniper fans across the world. The M24 is extremely heavy at well over 3000kg, and has a high quality aluminum barrel and composite polymer stock. It also comes with a rail mount for quick installation of a scope. It uses a design not unlike the APS2 and even uses an APS2 style magazine. The adjustable fixed stock is also a big plus when it comes to comfort. IT also sports front sling mount ring that allows easy installation of bipod. For authenticity, the M24 even has a function round loading latch in front of the trigger, where rounds are loaded. Beautifully crafted and sporting a big meaty barrel that's sure to scare off the bravest. Trigger pull is extremely crisp and light - highly reminiscent of the APS2. Coming soon in June. Numbers are limited so inquire with us if you'd like to reserve one! Expected to be priced well under $600.

Beautifully crafted bolt with safety Adjustable stock for ultimate comfort

Authentic loading latch Magazine is same design as that of Maruzen APS2