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New Products for Summer 2000 (2000-06-10)

This tank shoots BBs! This tank shoots BBs! The summer has been slower than we expected in terms of product releases and while the likes of WA announced the release of their 0.40 Shorty in June, we have just only welcomed its arrival this past week! Another ghost is the Tokyo Marui Glock 26 which will hopefully hit our store within the next several weeks. The good news is that quite a few long awaited products did make it to our shelves in the last two months including the Marui RC tank, the Prokiller 2000 and the Tokyo Marui M9 Tactical Master. We've added these products to our catalog so feel free to browse for updates. Please bear with us and we catch up on some lost time and start to get back into the swing of things with some upcoming reviews that you'll be sure to appreciate!

WA SV3.9 Of special note, the WA CQB and TAC have been temporarily discontinued as WA focuses on its INFINITY SV lineup. WA has just announced that it will be releasing a 3.9" version of the SV, which essentially clocks in at a smaller size than the COMPACT CARRY. These "super-compacts" are initially coming in all black, and in a black-frame/silver slide combination. Look for these beauties in our gas blowback section!

Just out - the WA S&W Sporty 0.40 The Glock 26 is rumored to be on its way and we hope to see its shadow by end of October. On the disappointing side, the FN P90 will be pushed back to being released in Spring of 2001. Surprise surprise. The Tokyo Marui M203, based on the SPAS12 and Benelii M3 spring design, will be arriving in the next two months as well. It will be applicable to the M16 A1,A2, VN, M4A1, but not for the XM177. Other new products include the metal SD silencer which is a direct replacement of your stock SD silencer. Also the Knights Armament Special Forces M4A1 Metal Body with special insignia is here! For you Glock 18C lovers, the metal slide and barrel have come out to make this a truly spectacular weapon. Look for our review on this great pistol shortly!

New Marui MK-IV Electric Blowback Marui will be releasing their second electric blowback pistol in the form of a Silver Colt MK-IV Sportster (left). Designed with a fixed compensator, the MK-IV looks quite hefty, though it only weighs 334g with a total length of 242mm. Magazine capacity is 15 rounds using the same stick style magazine. Bomar sights. Power comes from 4 AA batteries held in the butt of the gun. All Colt markings are evident on the gun. Fixed hop-up is present and accuracy is approximately +/- 1.5 inches from 6 meters. No word whether the kick or power is improved over the first generation M9 EBB though we aren't holding our breath!

WA will be releasing their Smith&Wesson Sporty 0.40. WA has just licensed the use of the Smith&Wesson name and therefore Is able to engrave original trademarks onto the gun! The Sporty is 180mm long and weighs 780g with a 20 round R-type valve equipped magazine. Designed with ambidextrous safety and semi-ergonomic grip, the Sporty should be quite comfortable to shoot. Barrel and slide guide rod are silver, with the latter being metal. Metal parts include rear sight, trigger, slide catch, safety, magazine release button, magazine. No word yet on power. A very compact weapon indeed! Scheduled for release in Japan on June 15 and look for RedWolf to carry it soon after!

Thompson front grip and drum magazine! M1A1 Front Pistol Grip and Drum Magazine And for you Chicago gangster fans, check out the soon to be released M1A1 front grip and 1000 round drum magazine. Though the slinky barrel design of the Tommy gun isn't yet available, these two add-ons will give you quite a convincing look! Tanaka will also be releasing a Colt Python (4" and 6" series) based on their new design for revolvers. Then new design (same as the Colt SAA that's already been released) holds 14 rounds and allows the revolvers to punch out enough power to rival that of semi-auto gas blowbacks.