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Operation Savage Garden II and Operation Firefly Report (2000-09-19)

First a little bit about the 2 big airsoft events we sponsored this summer, including Operation Firefly in the UK in conjunction with AIRSOFT.ORG, and Operation Savage Garden II in the US, in conjunction with BlackRain7. Both events were smashing successes where RedWolf Airsoft proudly sponsored the events with raffle giveaways.

Operation Firefly, UK
The event was a runaway success with coverage from local media, and hundreds in attendance. We donated a brand new Marui M1A1 and a 500FPS upgraded APS2 Sniper Rifle to two lucky winners of the Firefly raffle. Being one of the premier airsoft events of the year, Redwolf Airsoft was pleased to be a part of the success.

Alex, the event sponsor, gave thanks and said the winners of the M1A1 and APS2 were both extremely excited.

Raffle winner takes away our sponsored SG1! Operation Savage Garden II, USA
Located in the beautiful woodlands outside of Lake Tahoe in the USA, this fun-filled yet grueling 3-day event was met with a sizeable turnout. RedWolf Airsoft was physically on hand at the event (see event photo above) to show our support for the sport's development in the US. Apart from donating a Marui SG1 to a lucky raffle winner (who you see on the left here), we also handed out giveaways for participants to remember us by! The events, while long, were lots of fun and while by day 3 everyone was pretty tired, a look back reminded us all that it was worth the trouble for absolutely incredible fun! We here at Redwolf Airsoft will look to support more events to foster airsoft whether it be in the US, UK, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden...where ever!

So if you see us at the next major airsoft event, do come by to say hello!