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Many G&G New Products Instock!! (2003-05-09)

RedWolf Airsoft is proud to become an official distributor for G&G - a premier supplier of airsoft accessories. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, their products are high precision with excellent fit and finishing. Unique products include metal compensators for KSC 93R and M9, goggle / mask ventilation system to keep your lenses fog-free, authentic looking smoke grenades, low profile scope mounts, and much much more. Check out our list of newly added products below for the full scoop!

A part of G&G  products

G&G Product List:
G&G O.T.S Silencer for M16A2 / M4A1
G&G Double Screw Silencer (14mm,cw,ccw)
G&G Socom Silencer (14mm CCW)
G&G M92 Silencer Adaptor (14mm CW)
G&G Flash Suppressor for AK series (14mm CCW)
G&G M82 Type Flash Suppressor for PSG-1
G&G BI-Level Rail for M16A1/A2
G&G M4 SD Complete Set
G&G L.P.M for G3/MP5 Series Low Profile Mount
G&G S.R.R. Scope Ring Riser W/FLIP Rear Sight for Flap Top Upper Receiver
G&G M5 RAS Complete Set
G&G GM-3 Tactical Illumunator II for 20mm Rail
G&G PSG-1 Sling Swivel
G&G Recoil Spring & Spring Guide for KSC G26(Bright Titanium)
G&G U.S.M9 Competition Kit for KSC M9
G&G Leather Gun-case for KSC G19
G&G Turbo Fan for Tactical Goggles
G&G LS-680 Laser Sight (20mm rail)

Watch for new products from G&G which we will post immediately upon their release!