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Tokyo Marui FN P90, Maruzen Micro Uzi Type U, KSC M11 (2001-04-09)

As the release date of the much waited FN-P90 approaches (sometime this April), more information is slowly revealed about this next generation AEG. Tokyo Marui will include an integrated red-dot scope with the P90, and it will have 2 intensity settings. As shown on the right, the P90 uses an all new gearbox with a horizontally aligned motor.

A small battery stored in the butt of the P90 will be the source of power and the standard 14mm anti-clockwise thread on the barrel will readily take an assortment of silencers, including the SOCOM with the right adapter.

With the gearbox located so far rearward in the butt, the P90's overall length of 504mm actually includes 247mm for the barrel; which should provide ample power. An integrated rail system on the side of the red-dot scope will allow attachment of other accessories such as a flashlight or laser targeting system. Capacity will be at 68 rounds. Stay tuned for its release!

A little late in reporting from our end, Maruzen has released an improved version of its age-old Micro Uzi. Boasting full auto blowback, this Micro Uzi provides 50 rounds of magazine-fed full auto fire. Full auto mode only and cannot shoot semi-auto, this Micro Uzi weighs in at 850g. Finishing is a little plasticky and build quality leaves something to be desired but for those who want an economical and compact full-auto, the Micro Uzi is a good choice.

Soon to be released this month (or early next), KSC is hitting the market with its own version of the M11; deemed M11A1. A fairly successful release for WA, we are looking forward to see what KSC has to offer in terms of power and blowback kick. Rumors are that KSC will not offer an integrated silencer with their M11. However if the TMP is any indication of what kind of power we will see, then this might be the best M11 yet! Stay tuned.