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Biohazard Kai-C.S.E.-03 Barry Burton Model (2001-04-12)

New from Tokyo Marui, the next in the series of Biohazard weapons. Deemed the Kai-C.S.E.-03 Barry Burton Model, this 2001 release is a limited edition piece that comes in an exquisite metallic box labeled "Kendo Custom Shop". Essentially a hyped up version of the previous model, this pistol sports a lower rail frame that can accommodate a host of lighting accessories, like the M3 flashlight which was intended for the Glock. This pistol also sports a front compensator but the inner barrel is not longer than the previous version. Intended to be a collectors piece, it also commemorates STAR's 5th anniversary.

Check our store for this extremely limited edition gun! Surely to fetch a high price in the future when supplies run short so collect one now. Comes in beautiful storage metal box as shown. Click the picture on the left for a closer look!