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New Marui Desert Eagle EBB and WA Combat Wilson HiCap (2001-05-17)

Moving into its third electric blowback model, Marui will soon be releasing a Desert Eagle version. Using the same mechanism powered by 4 AAA sized batteries stored in the grip of the gun, this latest Desert Eagle operates just like the other two electric pistols from Marui (the Beretta M9 and the Centimaster). The slightly longer barrel may provide incremental power increases over past versions. The slide mechanism separates from the barrel in the same manner as the real DE. No date has been set yet though this will undoubtedly be quite a popular piece.

Through our contacts at Classic Army, we have also learned that they are planning on releasing their own version of the M16 series rifles in the same all metal format. Look for more news on this!

In other news from WA, a race gun version of the popular Combat Wilson Hicap will be released with integrated sight rail (as pictured on the right. It will be deemed the Wilson Championship Special. No rear sight will be provided but instead a stylish cocking handle will be present instead. A front compensator similar to the Wilson Championship will be present. The last "race-gun" that was released by Marui was the Hicap Optical Match which was discontinued over a year ago.

And for those who have waited forever on the Marui SD5, they are finally back in stock after 2 years of suspended production! Marui FN P90 spare magazines are also in stock. A 300 round high capacity version is in the works!

Marui has also released a mini Uzi into their mini line-up. This latest mini sports a larger size that makes it more realistic in its aspect ratio. Folding stock also adds to the fun. Full auto fire capacity makes this a great office skirmish toy!