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Knights Armament Stoner LMG by Airsoft Surgeon (2003-04-09)

RedWolf Airsoft is now proud to carry exotic airsoft pieces from Airsoft Surgeon. With years of experience customizing airsoft guns, Clarence Lai (THE airsoft surgeon) is undoubtedly the premier airsoft gun-smith in Hong Kong. To date, he has created countless masterpieces that have been the dreams of many airsofters world-wide. Many of you might have heard of his work under the brand CL Custom. Since early last year, Clarence went independent and started to focus on very custom creations. The result is this Stoner LMG which is designed from the ground-up and machined entirely from high grade aluminum. Using a full gearbox, this Stoner is like any other AEG and shoots very reliably. Fed by a box magazine capable of storing 2500 rounds, this LMG is perfect for providing cover fire to front line troops. Detacheable extendable stock just like the real thing comes off in a snap to provide the gun with more agility in close quarters situation. Considering the real Stoner LMG costs close to USD$10,000 and only available to military use, Airsoft Surgeon's version gives you a chance to one this one of a kind firearm - whether for show or for hard core skirmishing, this Stoner LMG is up to snuff. To view this one of a kind piece, click here.