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WA Prokliller Mark II SV F5 / F3.9 (2001-06-20)

WA Prokiller Mark II SV F5/F3.9
Catering to the ever increasing demand for full auto tactical machine pistols, WA has released a full auto version of its popular Hi-cap line. Threaded barrel, high capacity magazine, and optional RIS rail allows unlimited possibilities! Or if you want a longer pistol, go for the SV F5 for the full 5" length. Full auto action is very fast and very crisp, though the inability to use HFC22 reliably means that power is much less than the standard SV Infinity siblings.

With the RIS rails, the accessory options now become limitless - including a red-dot holographic scope, vertical foregrip for better control, flashlights, lasers, and the threaded barrel allows you to screw on a full metal silencer. This is the ultimate platform for your machine pistol!