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Tokyo Marui MK23 and WA Striker (2001-08-16)

Tokyo Marui MK23
A long awaited option for many spring powered airsoft enthusiasts, Tokyo Marui has finally released the MK23 spring powered pistol. This pistol is well put together and offers similar levels of detail as KSC's much more expensive MK23. Of course, the low cost means that we forego many of the functional features. Slide still pulls back however for cocking and the hammer works as well. Threaded barrel allows taking of the KSC MK23 silencer. Full size magazine for more realism and an accurately sized rail means you will be able to take all accessories designed for the MK23. Check out our spring powered pistols section to get one.

WA Striker Standard
Clamoring under the popularity of rail frame pistols, WA has released a rail frame single column pistol that accommodates any accessory that fits on the rail of your Glock 17 / 18C. Nice metal Bomar sights top off a great package. Nice and heavy.