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RedWolf sponsors Range Wars (2003-03-15)

With the cooperation of several teams and field owners, TASO is proud to present the latest in military simulation! Range Wars is a State-Wide Scenario, to be played on multiple fields throughout the year.

The great state of Texas is being transformed into the Republica de Taso, a war torn nation of geographic diversity. The Republic is broken into four regions (North, South, East and West) that will each have multiple teams and battlefields. Battles can range from Blood Feuds (teams from the same region, fighting one another) to Border Clashes (neighboring regions fighting for land or resources). In addition to these regional conflicts, the Republic has two opposing ethnic populations. The tension created by these two ethnic groups (Green Uniforms and Desert Uniforms) can boil over into full scale, statewide battles.

Each scenario will utilize the same rules and the storyline will continue to grow and develop as the year progresses.

Established Airsoft teams will be allowed to always play together and team statistics will be maintained. To ensure winning or better stats are not an excuse for cheating, statistics will be based on attendance and mission completions. Range Wars will primarily be team-based scenarios, but unaffiliated players will be able to still get into the action as regional mercenaries, assisting the established teams.

Check out the event site to register and find out more!