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Bite The Bullet

Musings of a Madman Vol I (2010-07-08)

This article is not so much informative as it is a collection of odd thoughts from Redwolf's very own presenter and writer, Arclight. The idea is not to inform you of good ideas, not to fill your head with the right ideas but mainly to flavor your thoughts with some nutty ideas. Variety is the spice of life and mad science is the fabricator of some of the most interesting Airsoft custom jobs. This article covers three general areas; rate of fire, battery supply modification and volume of fire.

Some of these have been tried before, some have not; some are theoretically sound, some are crazy and some are doomed to high margins of failure rate no doubt but no one ever achieved anything new and exciting by being boring and safe. Read with caution, do not attempt unless you are a damn fine professional and be wary of threats to your sanity throughout such engineering projects.

These days, the easiest way to crank up your AEG's rate of fire (in terms of cost/benefit ratio) is to switch to a Lithium Polymer battery. Not every AEG can handle one out of the box but as long as your weapon has decent metal gears, a metal gearbox, a standard or high torque motor (preferably the latter) and a spring power of 1.2 to 1.8 joules (370-450fps) then that setup will work. The issues to keep in mind are simple; high torque motors can handle the strain of over-clock speed pulling a spring, a 370-450fps spring is needed as anything higher would offer too much pull for the over-taxed motor and anything less would let the motor spin too hot.

Ideally, you want a 380fps / 1.3j spring, a reinforced piston and a high torque motor (preferably a good brand like G&P, SYSTEMA, etc.); that is a pretty good setup to run a hotrod AEG with a not entirely awful shelf life. That all said, bare in mind that over clocking your AEG is not a magic solution, its just engineering; a guns lifespan is measured in shots so by cranking up the rate of fire, no matter how reinforced, you are shortening its life span.

You can take things one step further by using a SYSTEMA Turbo or Magnum motor for a truly terrifying experience although we would not suggest you use a Turbo even if it is theoretically possible. A Turbo motor is effectively as high-torque-double-high-speed motor whereas the Magnum is a high-speed-double-high-torque motor; by using a magnum, you have a badass double high torque engine which is great but its also a high speed so it will turn at a monstrous rate of fire pulling a 380 to 400 FPS spring.

Furthermore, you can go one more step or use this solution in place of a LiPo; a double sector gear. They are not common or cheap but Cyclone dual cycle gear setups are a somewhat exotic solution to crank up your rate of fire. A standard gearbox will pull a piston every cycle but introducing a double sector gear causes your gearbox to pull the piston every half cycle, doubling your rate of fire. Cyclone dual sector gearboxes even introduce timing to ensure semi-auto shots still only shoot once and not twice per trigger pull.

The Chimeric hybridization of an electrical power supply is actually rather simple in principle and while the logistics of fitting the batteries can be tricky and the wiring is non-standard, the project is actually remarkably simple. The idea is to install not one but two batteries into an AEG and then to wire both up as power supplies through a double-position switch; by flicking the switch, you can switch the AEG's power supply from one battery to the other on the fly.

What is the point you ask?

Well, it depends on your setup. First off, you could simply have two of the same battery so you can double the battery life of your weapon; for those who do not want to bother actually re-wiring batteries themselves, this is actually a far simpler procedure. Another more interesting option is to install two suitable, compatible batteries of different kinds; by hooking up an 9.6v NiCad and an 11.1v LiPo into your array, you can switch between rate of fire on the fly. Use 9.6 for most of your shooting to reduce internal wear and save ammo but switch to the 11.1 when you need that spicy jump in firepower when you are on the assault.

Volume of fire; not amount of shots fired but rather the literal volume of shooting. Loudness is something the is typically avoided and reduced with weapons to enhance stealth potential which is all good and well but in Airsoft combat there is another dimension to consider. By playing at short ranges with whirring motor powered guns, the field can be a rather noisy place so you can actually take advantage of that; by deploying on or two super loud AEGs, by being louder then the norm your auditory profile has the illusion of being closer then it actually is. The loudest gun gets a lot of attention, especially and middle and short range.

Making use of a metal gearbox and a piston with a metal head is normally not a good idea because it increases wear dramatically due to metal-on-metal slamming; in our setup, this is the price we pay for the metal-on-metal effect of lots of noise. Then, combine with a decent rate of fire (high speed setup or a LiPo enhanced setup) and a decent power (harder slam is a louder slam) and you will have quite the ear concussing little brute. Then use a short barrel, inner and outer barrel length of super short (i.e MP5K length) is best but anything less then 10 inches is ok; the shorter tube allows the sound to make it out of the front of the weapon with greater ease. Then, for a flash hider, use a loudener.
This setup will provide one really loud gun which when fired at anything shorter then long range will be guaranteed to turn heads, garner attention and dampen pants. The guy or guys with the boomslam guns have the distinct team honor of being the aggro players, the soldiers who gain all the attention of the enemy as much as possible to redirect their focus away from the rest of the team (particularly the sneaky ones).

While I actually know someone who has built a boomslam M4, another idea I have yet to see was the result of a late night and too much caffeine while watching trippy Australian sci-fi late night shows. The idea involves cranking up the report of a GBB pistol.

The idea is to take a easily modifiable pistol, lets say a TM Hicapa or whatever. Run it on a large 50 round magazine but only load it with 20 / 25 rounds (no point loading it further) but a full gas reservoir charge every time. Now get it a high flow system, a longer inner barrel (7-8 inches maybe) and proceed to crank out as much power as possible; you can probably get a 280 / 300 fps gun up to in excess of 350 to 400 without too much trouble. THEN you proceed to butcher the barrel, just shy of the muzzle by an inch or two you drill holes all the way through it (side to side is the best orientation), one or two such sets of holes should be enough. Make sure to put holes in the outer barrel and slide too if you need to. You drill the holes to tune the over-flow power of 350-400 back down to 280-300 so you have the performance of a 25 round 300 FPS pistol still safe for close range fighting but the gross excess amount of gas you will be venting will make a god-awful amount of noise and gas plumage. If it works, it could make for quite the impressive boomburst GBB weapon. Extra points for doing it on a Hicapa extreme, a full-auto boomburst GBB pistol just has ATTENTION written all over it.

Be it combat effectiveness, psychological warfare, good raucous fun or some combination of the above, you can always turn to mad science for a little bit of nerdy fun. Sure you can be boring, hell you probably already have an armory loaded with virgin weapons already anyway so why not branch out a little?
So get some bits together, wire up the power tools, fire up the soldering iron and embrace your inner MacGyver!

Written by Arclight