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Bite The Bullet

Verdict Marker BBs (2009-09-02)

Cheating is a common problem on the airsoft field, with some hits even being ricochets sometimes it's tempting to shrug off a hit and keep going. Several years ago there was a brand of BB paintballs that attempted to solve the problem through marking the enemy but this wasn't received well as the BBs were of low quality and thus were inaccurate. Plus they had a tendency to break inside the barrel of hop-enabled guns and the paint would destroy the hop-up internals.

Now however there is a new attempt at making marker BBs They claim to be much higher precision and not cause any permanent damage to your hop-up. In this Bite the Bullet article we will have a first look at these marker BBs.

On the bottle (appropriately named Verdict marker BBs) it says these are solid core BBs with a highly pigmented dry lubricant coating, high precision, seamless BBs, water-soluble marking, temperature and moisture resistant. And doesn't leave residue on your hands.

But the more important question is: Will this have an impact on the performance of your gun and will it leave residue on the inside of your barrel and hop-up unit.

As a preliminary test I was given 300 rounds of these marker BBs and will conduct a simple experiment. Fire them all through an AEG, and then swipe the barrel with a cloth on a cleaning rod. Should there be any contamination the residue should show up on the cleaning cloth.

With the hop-up turned to maximum and the verdict BBs loaded, I unleashed a plastic storm of BBs unto an unsuspecting box. After firing of all 300 rounds of the Verdict marker BBs I took a cleaning rod and swabbed the barrel thoroughly. Then, under a macro lens, took a picture of the swab to see if there was any residue of Verdict's dry-lubricant coating. and indeed there was, however it was very minimal and hardly any compared to the other dirt that the swab picked up and poses absolutely no risk to the gun internals.

Look to this space for an in-depth review of these BBs.