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Why is the Airsoft Surgeon Sear Spring is better? (2009-07-18)

For those of you who don't know what it is, the sear spring puts resistance on the transfer bar of the trigger and on the foot of the sear (as well as on the base of the disconnector). Proper tension is extremely important as although the sear spring can be bent to give less resistance to the trigger, this also reduces the tension against the base of the sear. If the tension is reduced too much, the sear may not re-engage the hammer hooks during cycling; thus may result in multiple shots and even full auto fire or alternatively, not fire at all.

With that over with, the Airsoft Surgeon super light sear spring is made from a sheet Stainless Steel, therefore ensuring that it is extremely durable, and at 1.0g it is more than half the weight of the original Tokyo Marui sear spring. What's more is that being only 0.35mm thick, Airsoft Surgeon's Super Light Sear Spring can be easily customized to your preferences, whereas the stock Tokyo Marui Sear Spring is 0.60mm thick and much more difficult to adjust to your liking.

Airsoft Surgeon's Super Light Sear Spring
Tokyo Marui's Stock Sear Spring

Brand new out of the box, a stock Marui Sear Spring would require just below 1oz. of pressure to trigger your hammer and fire your pistol, whereas the unmodified Airsoft Surgeon Sear Spring require a little over 0.1oz. perfect for competition shooting. If this is too light for your preferences, you can adjust the sear spring yourself by bending the arm yourself!

Airsoft Surgeon's Custom Pistol with Jim Boland .38 Super Slide with Compensator Set and Custom Sear Spring Installed.
Stock out of the box Tokyo Marui Hi CAPA with unmodified Sear Spring.

With Airsoft Surgeon's Super Light Sear Spring installed you'll be enjoying a super light trigger, with a hair-trigger response! Although adjustments to the sear spring should only be attempted by a trained professional, Airsoft Surgeon's Sear Spring is durable enough for you to experiment with your favorite preferences for much longer than a stock Tokyo Marui Sear Spring. Highly recommended for practical shooters and skirmishers who needs that extra edge!

To purchase Airsoft Surgeon's Super Light Sear Spring click here.