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World Premier of the Clarence Lai Cup (2009-06-05)

CL Cup Trophies!

Hosted in Manila, Philippines at the PAPI indoor firing range Clarence Lai (aka Airsoft Surgeon) in conjunction with PAPI (Precision Aiming Philippines Inc.) hosted the World?s first Clarence Lai Cup!

Clarence Lai aka Airsoft Surgeon

Not only was this event a big deal for Clarence himself, but for the entire Airsoft Practical Shooting world as well, as the Clarence Lai Cup is the first Airsoft Practical Shooting Competition to have been sanctioned from a recognized IPSC club, the PPSA (Philippines Practical Shooting Association). With all the range officers on site provided by PPSA themselves!

Range officers from PPSA

Classified as a level 2 sanctioned match by PPSA over 85 shooters of all ages participated in 3 separate divisions over 10 IPSC styled courses in the Clarence Lai Cup. From teenage Airsoft shooters to professional IPSC shooters well into their golden years the competition lasted over the weekend of April 24th to 26th to a spectacular finish on the Sunday evening amid trophies and prizes presented by the Airsoft Surgeon himself!

Shooters of all Ages!

IPSC shooter

Due to the huge success from the 1st ever Clarence Lai Cup, Airsoft Surgeon with support from Redwolf Airsoft plan to continue to host the Clarence Lai Cup in the Philippines, and in the near future expand to other countries.

Due to the successes of the 1st ever Clarence Lai Cup, Clarence Lai aka Airsoft Surgeon, in conjunction with Redwolf Airsoft, is offering to provide courses on how to set up your own airsoft practical shooting clubs in your very own countries.
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