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Skirmish Essentials (2009-03-11)

Skirmish Essentials


Ever had that day where you completely missed your alarm, forgot it was a gameday and kept sleeping, then you get a call and are asked "where are you? we're waiting". You quickly grab your bag, stuff your gun and gear inside and rush to the site just to find you've forgotten your batteries and eye protection?

Well some of us here at Redwolf have had those days so we have come up with a list for all the gear you should remember to bring, and have divided it into three sections. Essential gear that you absolutely must have to be able to play at all, Gear that is necessary for combat but can war-game without, and extras that make the game more fun/realistic/enjoyable.

Essential gear: Here's what you'll need to play at all

1.EYE PROTECTION: This is an absolute must. You cannot play without them
2.An airsoft gun: Your obvious primary piece of gear
3.A charged battery, or gas: Must be compatible with your gun
4.A compatible magazine: If you're running highcap mags then one may be enough
5.Gun Bag: NEVER carry your gun exposed in public
6.Contact Lens: If you wear glasses but need these for your eye protection to fit, don't forget them, Wearing protection improperly is not safe.
7.Flashlight for night games
8.WATER: Dehydration is a serious risk during activities like skirmishing. If water is not available on site, remember to bring your own.

Required Gear: If you got a little more time to pack, Remember to bring these

1.Your BDU: Forget this and you might have trouble blending in
2.BBs: You can always borrow but you need some, one way or another
3.Spare Battery/gas: In case your first one dies
4.Your sidearm: Backup pistols are always good to have
5.Spare gas for your sidearm 6.Boots: Boots are better for combat than sneakers
7.Spare magazines: Incase your current mag jams or runs out
8.Hat/Helmet/head protection: you'll look better and be more protected with this
9.Knee/Elbow pads: For that tactical look and protection
10.Gloves: And don't forget to put them on at the site too
11.BB grenades: PFI, Deepfire, Tornado or other types of grenades
12.Optics: Reflex, red dot sights, scopes, nightvision what have you...
13. Vest or Web gear: You can also wear this to the skirmish if you got no room in your bag
14.Check the weather report for rain, bring a poncho if you don't want to get wet

Extra Gear: These items are extras you may consider bringing.

1.Spare Gun(s): If you like variety you may haul more than one to the site
2.Props: fake frag/smoke grenades, glowsticks, bullet chains
3.Gun accessories: Silencers, vertical foregrips, etc...
4.Camo facepaint: for the hardcore skirmisher
5.Tools: for on site repair and general handiness
6.First Aid Kit: See BTB: First Aid Kit for contents
7.Speed Loader
8:A multi tool: A leatherman or Swiss army knife could come in useful in outdoor activities

Consider using a Pantac Go-Bag you can store essential gear as a grab-and-go solution.

Have we forgotten something? email us at

Thanks to:
Goran Kilih
Henry Young

For stuff we forgot to add and suggestions