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Bite The Bullet

Bluetooth Headset for Emo Kids! (2008-07-16)

If you think that grumpy is the new happy, and My Chemical Romance is never off the playlist on your iPod, then you might want to take note of this rather special bluetooth handsfree kit that has been installed into an airsoft gun. That's right, you can look like you're about to do yourself over while answering a call to you mother-in-law at the same time, with this imaginatively named iGiveup bluetooth headset. The speaker has been installed into the end of the barrel, with the grip holding the mic and the trigger functions as the call button. The guy who created this have also painted it white to make it more like an "i" product (I guess you would get less attention on the streets also). Check out the video below.

Ok, here comes the serious part:

Although it is a seriously cool invention and quite amusing, we do not necessarily condone making a bluetooth headset out of an airsoft gun nor pointing a gun (airsoft of not) at ones own head.

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