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Bite The Bullet

Poor Man's Silencer II - The Bank Manager Strikes Back (2007-07-18)

Since our recent article titled "Poor Man's Silencer", we've received an email from a customer who wishes to share with us an alternative approach to making a silencer on a budget. It's not April the 1st, so this is a serious approach to creating one on a budget, thus is devoid of any "toilet humour" and such like.

He assures us that this info comes from an Army Technical Manual from 1969, and is not classified material. Of course it was intended for use with real guns, it can be used with airsoft guns too. Please be advised that constructing a suppressor can be a felony in some parts of the world, even if it's for an airsoft gun. We kindly ask you to check your local laws and respect them!


  • Grenade Container
  • Steel Pipe Nipple, 6in (15cm) long
  • 2x Steel Pipe Couplings
  • Cotton Cloth
  • Drill
  • Absorbent Cotton

    Click the pic for a closer look at the instructions: