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Bite The Bullet

Poor Man's Silencer (2007-04-10)

Ok, so unless you're rolling in it (cash that is), you probably think carefully before splashing the cash on a silencer for your Airsoft pistol. Well, think no more as we have a complete no-brainer of a low-cost solution which requires the minimal of cash.

Possessing aesthetics that only its creator could adore, this silencer is not going to win any beauty contests for sure. But what it does have is charm, and much like a virulent disease, it could well grow on you, if you give it a while. From the outside it looks pretty plain and stealthy, but take a look on the inside and you will see a rifled inner wall. Thus, it somehow seems hard to believe that this unassuming silencer once spent its days providing paper for poop-holes.

Not only is it a kick-ass (or should that be wipe-ass) silencer, it also plays a role in preserving the environment by recycling useless rubbish. So, by slotting one of these onto the end of your gun, you can give yourself a pat on the back for doing your bit for the environment. The method for creating this polar bear-friendly wonder is really straightforward; simply follow the instructions printed below:

  1. Buy some toilet roll from the supermarket (kitchen roll for a longer silencer).
  2. Use for wiping various things.
  3. When fully spent, or perhaps you could keep a few sheets (clean not used) and line it along the inside of the roll for sound-muffling, take the cardboard roll and size it up against your pistol (we recommend a non-blowback or spring pistol).
  4. Rather crudely force it onto the front end of the pistol and secure it (perhaps with the help of some sticky tape)
  5. Mission Accomplished. You now have a silencer for less than a pint of beer.

It (sometimes) proves effective in Airsoft skirmishes. Your opponents will be rendered useless once they catch a glimpse of this beauty - watch as you whip this out and your foes roll around in fits of laughter, laughing so hard it hurts, then simply pick them off like flies. We have named our prototype the 5-hit silencer. Take a look at the pictures below (N.B. Gun not included)

There's a rumour that this will be seen in the next Bond film. You heard it here first. Completely detachable if you get bored of it. It has both CW & CCW fitments (right and left-handed for pedants) The standard angled shot. You can see the beautiful shape of the silencer. Keeping up with the trends - gun is made in China...silencer from the office toilet.