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Bite The Bullet

Sealing that leak! (2006-09-15)

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Tired of loosing gas?

The diference between this:                        
And this:
Is this:

You just have to poke out the O-Rings wich are in the fill valves of the recargeable lighters, and put them in your mags.
Here you have some self explained photos:

Just be careful not to cut the o-ring, I used an old X-acto knife. Because the valve in the lighter has a little rim to prevent the o-ring from falling, it?s a little tricky to take out, but not impossible.
Here it is, half poped out. As you can see, it?s an old lighter, but it will work well.
So here it is, ready to insert.
Just put it in front of the valve, and push gently with the back of a pen mine or a small stick.

Inventor and airsofter.