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Bite The Bullet

Play Smart and Responsible (2006-07-15)

Recently there has been an alarming increase in airsoft related news in the general press that recounts stories of fellow players running amok with the law. While some of these instances may represent what was intended initially as harmless fun, others were jokes which turned sour. Yet others were blatant malicious acts by taking advantage of the realistic looks of airsoft guns. We want to remind everyone to play safe, and to read about these cases as learnings to what might happen to you if you are not careful! While you may view Airsoft guns as fun harmless toys that cause nothing more than a sting, the general public views any kind of gun as dangerous and harmful weapons - and often will not differentiate between a real and airsoft gun.

DO NOT bring airsoft guns to school - there have been numerous incidents everywhere of students getting expelled, arrested, thrown in jail, and even shot dead by police because they were mistaken for real guns. Even in incidences where school officials realized these were airsoft guns, students were still punished to the fullest extent of the law because "a gun, no matter a toy or a real gun, is still a gun. It's the intent of the act that deserves punishment, even though its a toy gun".

Police in many countries are increasingly concerned about the ressemblance of airsoft to real guns, and may lobby governments to ban airsoft altogether. If you want to keep airsoft free and accessible for everyone, please help and do not give them a reason to ban airsoft! Spread the word and lets keep our sport safe and free!

Here is a collection of recent news articles from newspapers from all over. Read a few of these pass the word to fellow players - be careful for the sake of keeping our sport legal, and for the safety of themselves!


15 Year Old Student Brandishing Airsoft Pistol in School Killed by SWAT Officers - FOX NEWS

18 Year Old Student Charged with Felony Assault using Airsoft Gun - Palm Beach Post, Florida

12 Year Old Shot By Friend Nearly Loses An Eye - NBC News, Minneapolis USA

Local governments looking to ban airsoft amid scares of tragedy - The Associated Press

8 Students Suspended for Bringing Transparent Airsoft Guns to School as reported in NBC Portland News

Airsoft guns on college campus cause panic Bowling Green College Campus News (Ohio, USA)
Follow-up article announces students were arrested and charged with INDUCING PANIC

Airsoft guns found during traffic stops as reported in the Hamilton Wenham Chronicle (Massachussets, USA)

Young Airsoft players charged with wargaming in school afterhours reported by Loudoun Times Mirror (Virginia USA)

Youths charged in drive-by airsoft shooting reported in Telegram & Gazette (Massachussets, USA)

Either a prank or a half hearted attempt to rob a gas station reported by The Gilroy Dispatch (USA)

These are just a few of the large number of airsoft related news that can be easily found on the internet. What is disheartening is that anytime airsoft makes it into the general news, it is almost always negative with "serious cause for concern by police and parents alike". It is our responsibility as players and as a community to educate new players who start taking up our exciting sport / hobby. Hopefully with a broader effort by the airsoft community, we can start letting the general public understand that airsoft is safe and fun!