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Bite The Bullet

Learning from the Past (2006-06-27)

Submitted by Andres Basbas (USA)

It seems like every airsoft player these days is looking for realism in their selection of airsoft guns. I know I started playing airsoft because I loved the thrill of paintball, but could not stand the incredibly ungainly hopper and gas tank, or the flashy, unrealistic markers. I don't mean to bash paintball, as I am still an avid player, but I just find airsoft to be more like the "real-steel" experience.

What I don't understand is the new craving for power in the airsoft world. It seems like the higher the FPS on a gun these days, the more generic the gun looks and feels. The only exception to this rule is the HFC c96 Mauser, but even then, the market is steadily being flooded with c96 models, most of which are getting less and less true to the "real-steel". This invasion high-FPS of non-blowback gas pistols is a real let-down to me, considering the technology we now have that could be used to create ultra-realistic guns.

The worst mistake I ever made was selling my MGC Calico M1000 gas gun at a yardsale. It brings a tear to my eye remembering the rugged realism, affordability, unique style, and quality construction of such a classic piece. I miss the days when companies like MGC, Asahi, and FTC made a plethora of unique models that were affordable to the everyday consumer. Now the only real classic companies left are Hudson and Maruzen, and though their products are beautiful, there are not many to choose from.

Another disturbing piece of the airsoft world is the take-over or AEGs, and the lack of ANY production fullsize gas rifles, with the exception of the semi-auto HFC c96 Carbine. I mean, JAC made beautiful, realistic M-series guns that performed well, and lasted, but they were really the last company to put gas rifles on the American market. Nothing about AEGs impresses me. Other than the affordability of cheap knock-off Tokyo Marui copies, they have no redeeming value in my eyes. The have no blow-back whatsoever, they sound like a running blender, and most come with 70-300 round magazines. I can only pray that a quality company like Maruzen will soon begin production on at least one nice gas rifle. Look at the high sales rate of less gas-efficient blowback pistols! People will make some sacrifices for realism!

I know I am getting tired of tearing internals out of JAC guns and pain-stakingly installing them in AEG bodies. Somebody has to bring back the classics.