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Bite The Bullet

Ouch! Airsoft can get expensive! (1999-11-06)

Ouch - there goes another expensive scope Nothing beats realism in SWAT-sim games and most of us go decked out with the most authentic equipment possible to attain that rush as you burst into a room of "terrorists" with your MP5 bursting full auto, laser beams sweeping, SureFires beaming, weapons hoisted up and tucked so far into your armpits they look like another limb. Such was the scenario as I burst into a room of heavily armed enemies equipped with modified AEGs so powerful that skin was broken from 30 feet away. Diving behind a barrel, Wildgoose and myself camped out for full exchange of at least 500 rounds within 3 minutes. We were heavily outnumbered and enemy fire kept us curled up like a ball behind our poor excuse for cover. Best we could do was return fire through the cracks in our barrels, sticking our weapons out and pulling the trigger frantically in hopes of showing the enemy that we weren't sitting ducks (which we really were). When it was all over and we were finally killed off, I experienced a sting of dismay as I brought my weapon up for inspection and discovered both the front sight of my MP5A5 completely blown off and a nice big crack in my red dot scope. Such is life in the world of skirmishes, and where in the real world equipment failures are often accompanied by mortal wounds, I should feel lucky that I was able to feel even this aspect of real warfare without having to bleed (not too much at least!)

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